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  The Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC gives a thumbs-up to Jiaozuo's work. Let's see what it is! 



Editor's note 

  The combination of red culture and all-for-one tourism will inspire amazing energy. Today, the organizing department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CCCPC) published "The Revolutionary Story of the City Takes on a New Look" on the WeChat platform "Communist Party Member" and the official website "Communist Party Member" (www.12371.cn), comprehensively introducing the typical practice of Jiaozuo City in building red culture tourism brand and promoting the socialization of red education in the theme education of "remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind". Upon the publishment, it immediately aroused tremendous response. This is the reposted article. Let's take a look at how the organizing department of the CPC Jiaozuo Municipal Committee, Party History Research Centre of the CPC Jiaozuo Municipal Committee, and Jiaozuo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism tell the revolutionary story of Jiaozuo and promote the creation of all-for-one tourism and theme education.






  The revolutionary story of the city takes on a new look



  Jiaozuo revolutionary resources travel guide&map



  In the theme education of "remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind", Jiaozuo City, Henan Province has fully integrated red culture into the all-for-one tourism, and made great efforts to create Jiaozuo red culture tourism brand with heart and passion, thus promoting the socialization of red education.



Jiaozuo revolutionary resources travel guide cover seal


  As an excellent tourism city in China, Jiaozuo has nine counties being included in the first batch of areas for the protection and utilization of revolutionary cultural relics in the Shanxi-Hebei-Henan areas, which has gone its own way towards telling stories about local red culture, making red education normal and universal.



Shierhui Village, under Longxiang sub-district office, is actively building into a red education base


  At the beginning of the theme education, Jiaozuo City carried out a red resources census in the whole city. Combining local red culture with all-for-one tourism, it has launched a total of 50 red resource tourist spots, and designed a red resources travel guide & map. Relying on the local red history and culture, Yellow River culture, and people’s dedication to south-to-north water diversion project, Jiaozuo has created a number of high-quality red tourism routes.



Party members and cadres visiting Shierhui Village are taking the oath


  Shierhui Village is a major red education oriented tourism spot built in Jiaozuo. Lying deep in the Taihang Mountains, this ancient village is the former site of the fourth zone of Taihang District and Jiaozuo party, government and military organs. In the theme education, Shierhui Village has developed rich red culture tourism resources, attracting a lot of "fans". Since May 1, 2019, more than 30,000 party members and cadres have come here to receive red education. In addition, a large number of red resource tourist sites have been popular with local party members and non-local tourists, including Former Residence of Song Xueyi,one of the five heroes on Mount Langya; Jiaying Taoist Temple, "Pearl of the Yellow River Culture"; Xihuafeng Village, a "famous village in central China"; He Tang's Family Motto Education Base; Brother’s Book House in Anle Village, Wen County. According to statistics, in 2019, more than 500,000 people paid a visit to the red resource tourism sites in Jiaozuo. Relying on these sites, Jiaozuo people have spread the revolutionary stories across the world.


  The combination of red culture and all-for-one tourism has inspired amazing energy. There is a house facing east in the old campus of Henan Polytechnic University, located in Jiaozuo, which is the former site of the headquarters of the strike by Jiaozuo coal miners, and also a historical and cultural site protected at the provincial level. In July 1925, in support of the May 30 Movement, the party led a general strike by coal miners in Jiaozuo. Chairman Mao once praised the Jiaozuo coal miners for their "militancy" in Analysis of the Classes in Chinese Society. Today, Wangfeng Mine, the place where the strike began, still retains the remains of the century-old wellhead and Peking Syndicate Limited pithead power plant. In line with the development direction of all-for-one tourism, Jiaozuo City has built the Xidajing 1919 cultural tourism park integrating research, culture, leisure, and tourism based on the old industrial elements including the headframe, the site of pithead power plant and the special railway lines. Up to now, the park has become a hot spot for local party members and non-local tourists, and the century-old mine has shown new vigor.


  Lately, Jiaozuo City formulated the Specification for Setting Tourist Sites of Social Resources, which has passed the expert evaluation of local standards in Henan Province and is about to become the first provincial standard for tourist sites of red resources in China. At present, Jiaozuo City is standardizing 50 red resource tourist sites, and has begun to recruit red resource tour guides and volunteers, arrange red-tourism bus routes, and make every effort to promote the normalization, popularization and pragmaticality of the theme education of "remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind".


Introduction to the three demonstration sites


Shierhui Village


  十二会村是革命老区。1946年10月,国民党对焦作解放区发动全面进攻,解放区军民备战上山,太行区第四专区、焦作市委市政府、新华公司等先后转移至十二会村办公,被誉为 “焦作西柏坡”。它见证了焦作市人民用满腔热血谱写的无限忠诚,用无畏精神取得新中国革命胜利的光荣历史,是焦作人民心目中永远矗立的革命丰碑。

  Shierhui Village is an old revolutionary base. In October 1946, the Nationalist Party launched an all-out attack on Jiaozuo liberated area. The army and people in the liberated area had to go up to the mountains to prepare for the war. The fourth zone of Taihang District, Jiaozuo Municipal Party Committee and government, Xinhua Company, etc. had been transferred to the village, known as "Jiaozuo Xibaipo". It witnessed the glorious history of Jiaozuo people's fighting for the victory of the revolution for new China with unyielding loyalty and fearless spirit, and is a revolutionary monument that stands forever in the minds of Jiaozuo people.


Centennial Jiaozuo Exhibition Hall



  Founded in 1901, the former site of Peking Syndicate Limited Money Shop has a history of more than 100 years. It is the only ancient architecture in Jiaozuo that combines Chinese and western styles in the Qing Dynasty, and a historical mark in the development history of Jiaozuo's modern industry, which has witnessed the arduous course of Jiaozuo people's resistance against imperialist colonial rule under the leadership of the CPC.


Head of people's victory canal



  Built in the 1950s, it mainly has the functions of agricultural irrigation, soil improvement, urban water supply, hydropower generation and flood control. Chairman Mao and other party and state leaders once visited here, which opened the prelude of new China's development and utilization of water and sediment resources in the Yellow River.

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